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Earnings Disclaimer

We at UltimateCleaningBusiness.com have made every effort to accurately represent The Ultimate Cleaning Business Package, and the potential you might have by using it & the methods as advertised. Although the cleaning & janitorial industry is one of the few industries where cleaning business owners can write their own paycheck in regards to their earnings, we at UltimateCleaningBusiness.com make no guarantee that you will earn any money using the methods & products in The Ultimate Cleaning Business Package.

Any examples in The Ultimate Cleaning Business Package are not to be interpreted by you as a promise or guarantee of your future earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our products, methods, ideas, and the amount of honest hard work & effort put towards there cleaning business. UltimateCleaningBusiness.com does not promote The Ultimate Cleaning Business Package as a “get rich quick scheme.”

The level of success you can achieve by using the materials in The Ultimate Cleaning Business Package depends on the time you dedicate to your cleaning business, and the amount of time you spend educating yourself on the janitorial & cleaning industry. Since these factors are different for each individual, we can’t guarantee your success or income level.

All optimistic statements looking ahead on this site or The Ultimate Cleaning Business Package sales material is intended to express our opinions of the possible earnings potential for people who apply themselves, and really make a commitment to there cleaning business.

Just as every money making opportunity, you could make more or less in terms of your earning potential, & results will vary for each individual or business. Success in any business opportunity comes as a result of hard work, commitment, and dedication. We at UltimateCleaningBusiness.com do not imply or make any guarantees of income.